Jeremy Leavitt | Elder Leavitt - El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission

Well it is a little different here I am not gonna lie. Haha, everything is way old and not very nice looking and stuff. Also, there is no English haha. My companions name is Elder Livingston and he is a super solid dude. He is going to the U after his mission too. There was about 42 missionaries on the plane from LA to GAU and almost none of us sat together. The plane ride was miserable. MY back was killing me and there was no space and so I couldn't sleep at all. When we got to the CCM they said there would be time to rest for a bit but there was no such thing. They also shaved all of our heads pretty much, which was funny because we all almost had appropriate hair anyway. (and the barber didn't speak english).  Then we had a long day of classes (mostly...all in spanish) and this was one of the longest days of my life. It wasn't until about day 4 that we watched one of the districts, and it was in english, and I wanted to cry out of joy because I didn't have to try and understand everything. Our district i pretty rad as well, just a great group of gringos. Seriously though, as my spanish is improving a  bit (I can understand much more than I can speak) I've grown to love the Latino missionaries here. Oh my gosh they are funny. They have crazy stories and tell us about how are missions areas our (we were told to definitely give gangs our money if they asked). One of them, Elder Portillo, had two girlfriends at the same time. Our whole table at lunch was busting up when we learned that.Speaking of lunch, I don't often know what I am eating haha, although it is really good all the time. This morning breakfast was not the greatest, but we have to eat everything, like everything on the plate because it's way rude in the culture to not finish food. Also the juice and the fruit is waaayyyy better than up in Los Estados Unidos. It's also way fun to talk with them because they are so kind and help you out with spanish. And sometimes they laugh at us and stuff, but it's a fun laugh. Laughing at yourself is so important learning a new language. 

I can also Testify to the Gift of Tongues. Wow my spanish has increased faster than in a whole semester back at home. Also there is just a special spirit about being a missionary. Oh here is an interesting thing about Sundays. They don't assign you a talk beforehand. During the meeting they will call your name and you have to go give a 5 minute talk, so everyone has to prepare one, in Spanish of course.Pretty Rad. The make or break factor in this place is your attitude, and the sweat of course. I came in wanting to have like the most positive attitude ever, and so far I have just loved every part of it. I have never done anything harder, but man it is so fun. Oh and the sweat. All day it is hot, and we have some AC but man, not on the second floor in the bedrooms. I don't use blankets anymore, the couch at home has trained me well. Also we sometimes have hot water for showers and sometimes don't, but the cold showers are really really nice. They just don't feel like they clean you as well. We didn't get to go to the Temple this week because it is under renovation, but we will next week. The Temple is way pretty, and there are some awesome hills here. Really wish I had my board lol. It's so green also, like, jungle green, more green then Oregon green. 

Aiight, I love all you guys and I'm sure that I forgot to tell you something because I am not super organized, but i'll make an outline or something for next week. Haha who am I kidding, no I won't, But I am keeping a journal pretty well so if you have any questions please ask them and I can verify they are true answers.


Love you all!


P.S. sorry dad, I know you're a busy guy, but could you like forward this to Jacob, I forgot to get his email. Also I am writing this with a Spanish keyboard so sorry for the mistakes.