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Mission Accomplished

May 31, 2017  •  2 Comments

Levi Graduation - 2017 I can’t believe our Christmas morning surprise of 18 years has graduated from high school. Levi has always been an inquisitive individual – he loves to learn about the deep laws that make things work in both science and physics. He has great plans to study and become a bio-medical engineer to help others have a better way of life. I am certain he will succeed in whatever he pursues.

Levi has been our most daring child – from shimmying up flag poles in the middle of the night to place a tire over the top of it, to using his physics knowledge to determine how to get multiple hay bales up on the school roof for a senior prank. He has succeeded in giving me the most gray hairs by his attempts in finding the perfect hill to longboard down at speeds in excess of 45 mph only to come home with bruises, gashes, and road rashes up and down his arms & legs.

Levi has kept our family laughing with his great wit and his off-the-cuff comebacks. Our home will be much quieter when he leaves for El Salvador/Belize to share the gospel with others – a void that cannot be replaced by anyone else. I look forward to the many stories he will have to tell upon his return and his larger-than-life personality once again filling our home. I can’t wait to see what his potential brings, for I know that he will achieve it. I couldn’t feel more blessed to have Levi as my son. I love you Levi…


Levi Graduation - 2017 Levi Graduation - 2017

Levi Graduation - 2017 Levi Graduation - 2017Dr. Vincent & Levi - Graduation 2017. Levi took physics & biology from Dr. Vincent and was his TA as well.

Senior PicturesBoulder, Colorado - 2016


Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post for all of us who are too far away to be there. I know Levi has a wonderful foundation for the rest of his life, thanks to the wonderful parents and siblings that he has. I look forward to hearing more of him through the years.
Marilyn Brennan(non-registered)
What a beautiful tribute to Levi. Yes he will leave a big hole when he leaves. He has always been a joy to me and a great example. I am warmed by each picture and comment by the proud dad. Will miss you Levi even though I haven't been able to see you enough through the years. God be with you in your adventures of life.
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