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Levi's Turn - Senior Pictures

October 26, 2016  •  1 Comment

It really is amazing to me how time never seems to stand still. Every time I turn around another year has come and gone and I find myself scratching my head and asking, "where did the time go?" I had another one of those moments the other day as I was driving to Boulder, CO in search of a place to take Levi's senior pictures. "Really?", I asked myself, "I have a another senior that is graduating from high school and will be leaving our home in the next 7 months?" There are those times in my life where I wished that the World would stop turning (okay, maybe not that drastic as that would have some serious affects on the human race), so that my family would remain in a particular moment of time for longer. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is why man has invented and continued to perfect the camera - so that I can hold time in place, even just for a moment. 

Here are a couple of our favorites from the session...

Levi Sr. Pics - Boulder, CO - 2016
Levi Sr. Pics - Boulder, CO - 2016 Levi Sr. Pics - Boulder, CO - 2016


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