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Mission Call Imminent

September 08, 2015  •  23 Comments

We believe that Noah will receive his mission call this week since his assignment was made on September 3. We thought it would be fun for Noah to let everyone guess where they think he will be called. If you simply add a comment below with your best guess, I will add it to the map. There seems to be strong feelings that he is heading to the southeast in our home, but I of course know differently and he's definitely going to be over the pond... : )

We also plan to live broadcast his call from Provo, Utah. Details of the date and time will be forthcoming. 


Kathy Williams(non-registered)
I pick Ireland/Scotland mission or Florida! Hedging my bets!
Gisela & David(non-registered)
Our family votes for South Korea! Although I can picture him somewhere in the Netherlands- Gisela
Heather Nicole Brennan(non-registered)
Atlanta, Georgia
Noah Leavitt(non-registered)
Last night I dreamed I was called to Germany. It's either a seriously inspired revelation or a crazy dream, but put it up there anyway!
And I've always felt a strong connection to England...
Rex Johnson(non-registered)
Rio de Janeiro brazil
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