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August 25, 2015  •  4 Comments

Some moments you never expect to reach simply because they are too far off in the distance yet suddenly, somehow, you are living them. Such was the moment when we dropped Noah off at BYU this past weekend. He is totally ready for college and I do believe he is going to love it there!

On a separate, yet related note: Over the past 5 years I have had the opportunity to interview several would be missionaries, but what an experience it was to interview my own son this past week in a like setting. It was one of those moments when I sat back in my chair and realized that yet another moment had arrived and I was right in the middle of it--soaking it all in. To hear Noah's own testimony of the restored gospel (Moroni 10: 3-5) and excitement to receive his mission call was a remarkable experience and one that I will treasure forever. 

In a few weeks we will be back in Provo, Utah to witness yet another moment we thought would never be here as he opens his mission call to find out where and when he will serve for two years starting in early 2016. Yes, we are bit excited to share that moment with him as well.

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BYU DropTam actually did better than I thought...she kept her emotions in check for the most part. BYU DropTrying to let go... BYU DropNoah trying to explain to his mother that all is well. BYU DropThis will be the image I will always remember when thinking back to the day we dropped him off at college. Mission BoundAnd his mission papers are in and waiting until 9/3/2015 when they can be submitted (120 days prior to his availability date).



mark tandberg(non-registered)
What a great young man, but also what great parents that have raised us such a great young man. Yes, these are great parent moments while you also wonder where did that time go. Good job!
Marilyn Brennan(non-registered)
Yeah, you made me tear up too. What pivotal moments of which you speak.... You and Tamara prepared him well for what's ahead. I am lost for words, so thank you for these lovely pictures and sentiments. PS. Enjoying his new blog!
Travis Valentine(non-registered)
Love it! What a payday for both you and Tamara. And Noah will love BYU...Go Cougs!
Eric Riewerts(non-registered)
Awesome post! Noah is the man!
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