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A Week in Paradise

July 28, 2015  •  1 Comment

We had the opportunity to fly to Oregon this year for our family vacation. We thought it would be a good send off for Noah on Tam's side of the family, while giving us some time at the beach with just the six of us. The weather at Bella Beach was absolutely perfect, so perfect that Tam didn't even break out her wool ski cap this year! While clouds are welcome for better lighting in some cases, we didn't have a day with any - which is just unheard of at the Oregon Coast. In the end our vacation was a wonderful time away from technology, crowds and most importantly--responsibility ; ).

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the trip. The last two family pictures in the tree fort were taken by Briana Cerezo, a family friend of the Brennan family.

Framing in Mt. HoodLevi and I trying to capture lighting on Mt. Hood. We believe the house was abandoned where we barged into the backyard. ; ) Leah & KennedyLeah saying goodbye to Kennedy for a period of time. Isabella CottageWe stayed in this cottage a couple of years ago and fell in love with it and the surrounding neighborhood. I spent every night of our trip this year in the backyard barbecuing our dinners and even cooked bacon for one of our breakfasts on the grill. A perfect setting to prepare food! BrothersAlways enjoy watching these two interact. I can only think of one time in their existence where they were "enemies" and it only lasted 10 min. We are so thankful for their friendship. NoahStill hard to believe Noah is heading off to college in a month and then to serve a mission. LeviAlmost always sporting a superheroes shirt, but Superman is by far his favorite since that what his friends call him. RedI loved how this picture turned out with the wind blowing her gorgeous red hair. LeahAnother photo of Leah with her red hair blowing in the beach breeze.

Bella BeachI loved walking down to the beach during sunset hours to take in the beautiful landscaping. Bella BeachI loved walking down to the beach during sunset hours to take in the beautiful landscaping. SunsetLevi and I walked about 2 miles along the beach to find something more than just sand. By the time we got there it was a bit late as the tide was coming in and the sun was quickly disappearing. This is one of the few shots that turned out for me as I was dabbling with longer exposures. LeviLevi was taking in the last of the sunset that night...wish I had moved my tripod. Hmmm - maybe I'll play around in Photoshop. Harts CoveWe decided to take a hike on one of our days and this trail just happened to open on the very day (it's only open between July 16 - Dec 31). The hike was gorgeous and this is what the final view looked like. We arrived at this point by coming in from behind the waterfall and 1200 or so feet up to the right. TamaraI do believe that Tamara gets more beautiful the older she gets. I'm the luckiest guy in the World. FireWe decided to roast marshmallows the last night at Bella Beach - well, actually Seth & Leah were the real drivers of that activity. Bella Beach CampfireEnjoying our last night together around the campfire ring that sits just outside Isabella Cottage. LeavittsWe had a family photo taken in grandpa's tree fort in Hood River, Oregon. SillyWe can be silly once in a while. Seth later told us that he couldn't think of what to do when we were asked to be silly...I think his non-reaction makes the picture that much better.


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