Jeremy Leavitt | Seth Turns 11

Seth Turns 11

April 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Seth has been looking forward to his eleventh birthday for quite sometime and finally hit the mark on March 29. I am not entirely sure why he looks forward to it except for the fact that he is a child and they love to get older, where we adults do not. His birthday usually falls on spring break which is always an added bonus for him and us. We spent a few days in Crested Butte, Colorado during our break this year, but made it back in time for Seth to celebrate his birthday in our own home with his family and G & G Leavitt. I can't believe he will be twelve next year - YIKES! Here are a few pictures of him blowing out his candles. He, Levi and I prefer to have Tamara's incredible homemade apple pie on those special days. 



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