Jeremy Leavitt | What if rocks could talk?

What if rocks could talk?

March 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

High Uinta RocksRocks above Lake Swasey - Uinta Mountains, Utah As I was hiking through the Uinta Mountains near Swasey Lake a few years back, I climbed a very steep hill on the north side of the lake. The hill was littered with large (read: huge) boulders - the kind that you would never worry about moving or dislodging as you bounce from one to the other. At the top of the hill there were thousands upon thousands of rocks - smaller rocks that covered the hilltop. As I observed these rocks I couldn't help my mind from wondering what they would have to say if they could talk:

How long have you been around and what have you witnessed both in the heavens and below? Had anyone else crossed your path, or was I the first? Was it mineral banding that gives you your aged look, depth and sense of art? Were you once covered in water during the great flood of Noah's time, and did you hear or feel the thunder and tempest during the crucifixion of the Savior? Were you part of the rocks that were "rent in twain...broken up upon the face of the whole Earth [and] found in broken fragments?" 

I am not certain how long I sat and observed the details of these rocks, but the questions never found a home. Perhaps someday when the history of the World is replayed before us, all of these and many more of my questions will be answered. Until that day, can you imagine what stories we would hear if rocks could talk?


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