Jeremy Leavitt | I am so ready for summer!

I am so ready for summer!

March 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Colorado weather can be pretty spectacular, but can also play mind games with you if you let it (which I do). It seems that we had remarkably warm weather in December & January. I can't remember a year when Tamara and I were able to go for more walks in these two months than we did this year. It was absolutely amazing, but then February came along and Denver set a record for the most snowfall in that particular month - 28 inches. Those that have not lived in Denver may think that we are always under the white-stuff during the winter months, but this is quite to the contrary. March is usually the heaviest for snowfall for those of us that live just West of the Rockies. The temperatures have been fairly cold to boot - teens to low 20's, which is keeping the snow around much longer. I am officially ready for summer to come so I can feel the warmth of the sun and perhaps even find myself near a beach while on vacation with my favorite 5 people...

Bella Beach, OregonBella Beach, Oregon 2013Taken during a family vacation to Bella Beach, Oregon.


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