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Appreciating the Teachers in our Lives

March 12, 2015  •  1 Comment

Teacher Appreciation NightFrom left: Noah Leavitt, Dr. Carr Vincent and Mr. Ben Ploeger At this time each year the graduating seniors of our Stake (a group of Wards or congregations in the LDS faith) invite a teacher to a teacher appreciation night that honors teachers for the positive impact they have had in a student's life. This year we were able to attend with our own graduating senior and it was a wonderful event.

Noah invited Dr. Vincent, who has been his chemistry and physics teacher over the last two years. I can tell that Dr. Vincent has a great sense of humor and a love for his students in the short time we had with him that evening - not too mention he is really down to Earth. The principal & head of school, Mr. Ploeger, was also able to attend and enjoy the evening with us despite his busy schedule. Since Noah was the only graduating senior from Eagle Ridge Academy we had a very nice visit with both of these good educators as the only guests at our table.

I am including a couple of pictures and the video of Noah's speech honoring his teacher - also typed here:

I can't believe I'm already here on the edge of graduating high school and moving on to college. There have been many amazing teachers that have touched my life and guided my education, but the one that most stands out among them is Dr. Carr Vincent, my Chemistry and Physics teacher.

To begin, he has an amazing sense of humor which keeps the class lively as my classmates and I strive to enlarge our understanding of Physics and Chemistry. He has a passion for these subjects, making it easy for us to stay engaged. He also teaches with labs and models. In Physics this year, it practically always involved a ramp which got a little old at times, but I always came out of the experiment glad we did it.

Finally and most importantly, I know that Dr. Vincent cares about me and each one of his students as individuals; our personal lives as well as our academic studies. He is a teacher that has left a hand-print on my heart that I will carry for the rest of my life and for that I am grateful.

I am glad I could share time with you over the past two years. I am honored to call you a friend, a guide, and a teacher - one of the most rewarding roles in life.

Thank you...


Teacher Appreciation Night - 2015


Noah's tribute to Dr. Vincent


What a wonderful event! I think having a teacher-appreciation evening is a wonderful idea. Well done on your speach Noah. I believe teaching has a greater impact on others than most careers. It is good to recognize those who make a positive impact in our lives.
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