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Building a Home - The Silverton

November 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Several months ago Tamara and I decided to purchase a few acres of land for a future home. We don't need a bigger house, but we have always thought that rearranging how we live or intend to live would be a good thing to start considering. We have always known that our four children would be settling down and starting a family of their own - someday. While I want this to be decades away from actually taking place, the reality is that it is but a few short years down the road. Noah will be on his mission before we know it and Levi will be 18 months (give or take a month) behind him. Seth will be in high school shortly thereafter and then it's just Tam and I left - wondering how it all happened - and so quickly!? 

We want a home where we have more space to gather as a growing family during holidays and Sunday dinners and other yearly family celebrations if we are lucky enough to have children settle in the area. In order for this to happen we want to shuffle our living space into something that is more suitable.

In that vein we have scoured the internet, magazines and other house plan mediums and have finally found what we were looking for all along. You know what I mean - Tam get's her kitchen, mud room, and laundry room the way she has always wanted and I go along for the ride. ; ) I am now working with the engineers to add a basement to the drawings, put in a culvert, drill for soil and 'perc'olation tests, establish well permits etc. It's going to be a while to get through the checklist. 

I was warned that building a new home is quite the chore, but there is something about looking over a set of architectural plans that gets me excited. As such, and without the family knowing that I purchased the plans, made copies etc., I surprised them them last night by having them all come to the kitchen table. After ensuring that their eyes were closed I unraveled the 2'x3' plans in the middle of the table and had them open their eyes. It was neat to see & feel their excitement as we studied each of the pages and corresponding legends knowing that our dream was getting a bit closer to reality.  

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