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The Magic of Summer

July 24, 2014  •  1 Comment

Wasn't it the best when we were young and all the excitement that was generated during the last week of school--the anticipation of summer and everything that comes with it? I remember cruising the neighborhood on my Huffy bike that had the white Z-Rims on it. The feeling of the wind rushing past my ears as I rode my bike down Chelsea Drive delivering 50 newspapers on the driveways to my right & left. I would time it right so that my dad would pick me up at the bottom of the hill on his way home from work and give me a ride to the top. I remember the fort that was built behind the Racker's house and then war was declared when we tried to take it over. I remember all of the nights we slept out under the starlit sky while listening to the aspen leaves in the slight breeze from the nearby canyon. We would stay up for hours talking about our latest crushes, the approaching school year and what we considered harsh life lessons. I remember the sound of children splashing in the pool and the tennis ball "popping" at the neighborhood clubhouse - all while wishing that our family were club members. I remember the smell of fresh cut grass in the mornings, sulfur from the fruit being dried in the backyard in the afternoons, and fried zucchini from the garden at night. It was a time of year that was most appreciated when it was gone. Everything about summer was magic. 

Today - as I was working from home I heard voices from another room. I opened the french doors of the office, walked around the corner and immediately recognized the voice of a mother reading to her children. I don't think that I sat still long enough as a child for my mother to read to me, but I imagine that when my own children are grown this will be one of their memories of summers gone by. 


I love you...and your summer memories! :)
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