Denver North & Brighton Stake Trek Videos

August 27, 2014  •  1 Comment

After countless hours before & after work and in between church meetings - here are the final videos that capture the Denver North & Brighton Stakes trek experience of 2014. One is all "video" segments, another is all pictures (stills) and the final one is the family photos along with some extras. It was nice to get it completed, but it was well worth the time. Both were shown at the final trek fireside this past Sunday along with testimonies of some youth and adult leaders from both stakes - it was pretty awesome! 

Best when viewed in HD... 

DNS/BS Trek 2014 Video (Stills)

DNS/BS Trek 2014 Video (V)

DNS/BS Trek 2014 Video (Family Photos)



You've not only put a lot of time into these videos, but because of the sheer beauty of the pictures, its evident that you also gave your heart. Even weeks later, the music and photography bring the experience to life again. Thank you!
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